Service and Support Administration (SSA)

What Does a Service and Support Administration (SSA) Do?

Your SSA is your case manager. They are able to help you with all of the following:

  • Assisting you with access to available resources to you, your family, guardians, and caregivers.
  • Developing an Individual Service Plan with your team, or circle of support, to facilitate services and supports to match your unique needs at home, work, or in the community.
  • Monitoring the implementation of your Individual Service Plan to ensure you are receiving the identified services and supports and are satisfied.
  • Conducting a Needs Assessment to determine the services needed and requested by an individual
  • Service Coordination and Linkage to identify, assess, and link eligible individuals with the appropriate educational, vocational, or residential setting to ensure that appropriate services are being provided while reducing duplication of services
  • Individual Service Monitoring to assure that all services are being appropriately delivered according to the individual's service plan and in accordance with the established time lines
  • Crisis Intervention to provide necessary emergency services to eligible individuals and their families on a 24-hour basis
  • Information and referral to respond to questions and requests from individuals in the community regardless of their eligibility for services.

How Can I Get Support?
Eligibility is determined through a process called intake. Eligible individuals are able to receive Service and Support Administration Services throughout their lives. For more information and to find out if you are eligible for Trumbull County Board of Developmental Disabilities services please call our Intake Coordinator at (330) 652-1116.

What is a Waiver?
Waivers are funding sources that allow individuals with disabilities to receive services in the community. The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities administers the waivers, but a person can receive only one.

  • Different waivers include:
  • Individual Options (I/O)
  • Self-Empowered Life Funding (SELF Waiver)
  • Level 1 Waiver and the Transitions Developmental Disabilities Waiver (no longer accepting new enrollees)

Each waiver has various funding levels and available services.

Click below to access the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Website and learn more about the different types of waivers: